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The Clarinet Overview - Buying a Clarinet


The clarinet is a very versatile reed instrument, used in both chamber and orchestral music. It was Mozart's favourite, and like the saxophone produced many great jazz players such as Sidney Bechet and Benny Goodman.

There are many different types of clarinet, but the Bflat soprano clarinet is by far the most common.

  • 22 Jun 2017

Is It a B-Flat Trombone or a C Trombone?

(For the examples in this article, pitches are defined as middle C = C4.)

Do You Have to Transpose Music For a B-Flat Trombone? How Do Different Instruments Transpose?

So, What Is a B-Flat Tenor Trombone?

Most trombones are called "B-flat trombones" because they are built to play a B-flat when in first position.

  • 14 Jul 2017
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27 Jun 2017
Posted By Courtney W.

Leading Quality Instruments Such As A Yamaha Student Trumpet

Are you currently trying to find a brand new trumpet to play? It's essential to understand that there are various different models of trumpets available. You have to have the best trumpet for your skill level and expertise. Before you get a trumpet, you need to identify your level of skill. It's crucial that you make an informed decision if you purchase a trumpet.Whenever you first beginning to discover how to play the trumpet, you need to learn the way to play on a beginner trumpet.
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